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If you are looking for a good company that can provide restoration and consultation services on damages after a storm in the state of Connecticut, our Fairfield Country roofing company is more than capable of taking control of your situation and guaranteeing you the best results by working together with your insurance company.


As a roofing company based in Prospect, CT, Castle Home Restorations offers a team of insurance claim experts that expedite the process, increase efficiency, and increase credibility for our customers and insurance companies. When unexpected roofing issues for any storm damage, you can contact our Fairfield County roofing company and ask for our expert assistance.

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Your roof is the first line of defense against wind and weather, so even a small issue with your roof can lead to expensive repairs. When it comes to any storm damage, you can trust our team of expert Fairfield Country roofers who will take care of your roofing replacement services guaranteeing you the best results.

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A storm can cause some any damages your roof. A damaged roof can lead to a whole host of structural problems that will cost you big in the long run. if you are looking for any roofing repair service, we are here to provide you the best solutions.

Fairfield County Connecticut roof repair


Roof damage can happen at any time because of a storm. It is necessary to solves this issues as soon as possible. We offer emergency roof repair services to handle any urgent situation. Our Fairfield County roofing company has the expertise to provide you quality results.

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When your siding is cracked or damaged, it can allow water to seep into your home, causing all sorts of problems. Wind damage on siding can cause chipping or holes. We understand that our customers are our priority, and that is why we work together to provide them the best siding services.

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Gutters are one of your home’s primary defenses against water damage, which can be a particular concern during severe storms and wintertime in snow zones. With years experience in home exteriors and interiors, we bring the expertise and knowledge needed to offer gutter solutions for your home.

Prospect, CT gutter installation


A storm can cause many damages to you property. Carpentry is the best solution to repair or replace your property working with sharp tools and making quick mental calculations. Our team of professional carpenters will provide you the best carpentry services. When it comes to wood structure repair, fabrication, and finishing, our carpentry services are the best option for you!

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The damage a storm causes to your property can be extensive. That is why a remodeling is the best option to recover every aspect of your property and leave it like brand new. We have fully licensed and certified contractors who will assist you with remodeling services.

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Storms are not a window’s best friend. Storms with forceful winds sweep up projectiles and debris and hurl them at the windows. We guarantee you that your window project will be done by experts who will pay attention to every little detail, and at competitive prices that will suit your budgetary needs.